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    Production Operator - FPSO

    Candina Black Sea SRL, part of Candina Group (Spain) is currently recruiting a Production Operator for a FPSO with Liberian Flag, moored offshore Angola.
    Tour of duty is 16 weeks on and 16 weeks off.
    Salary: negotiable

    Background and Qualifications

    - You will have worked either in Onshore or Offshore Oil Production Plants for a minimum period of 2 years in the capacity of a Production / Process Operator.
    - You will be fluent in English
    - very good understanding of mathematics, computer use (PLC for process)  and laboratory analysis of crude oils to API standards.  
    - You will be proficient in crude oil computations for volume and general laboratory work and will have good leadership qualities.

    In addition you will require :

    - Liberian’s Seaman’s Discharge Book, country of origin Seaman’s Discharge Book.
    - valid Medical Certificate
    - Certificate of Proficiency in Advanced Offshore Fire Fighting, Tanker Safety Certificate, Certificate of Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness.  A Certificate of and Breathing Apparatus Use/Instructor would be an advantage.

    Responsibilities and Duties

    Your duties will include, but not be limited to the following:-

    1. maintaining operating levels and pressures in production vessels;
    2. operation of rotating machinery and compressors;
    3. responding to process plant alarms and taking immediate appropriate remedial actions;
    4. reporting all process alarms to the Production Superintendent;
    5. machinery and vessel inspections;
    6. recording and interpretation of all process parameters (pressures, temperatures, levels etc.);
    7. operation of well tree, manifold and process valves;
    8. process equipment planned maintenance routines;
    9. process equipment breakdown maintenance;
    10. awareness and protection of the marine environment.

    In addition you will have a comprehensive understanding of :

    - all Emergency Shut Down (ESD) systems,
    - Sub-Sea Control Valve (SSCV) operation
    - the operation of well control panel functions
    -  You will be fully conversant with, and carry out sampling procedures and laboratory analysis to API standards for API gravity and BS&W determination, chemical injection principles and practices
    - You will undertake well testing and be able to report and fully understand the results obtained.  You will ensure that all periodic log sheets (recording process information) are completed.  
    - You will study all available data from the process plant and be able to make accurate interpretations from these observations.  
    - You will fully understand all control panel and computer information and be proficient in the operation of all process computers.
    - You will have a full understanding of piping and instrument diagrams, flow charts, safe charts and process operating procedures.  
    - You will interface process operations with that of the Marine Cargo and Logistic Department and have a full understanding of the special cargo storage and tank cleaning operations which will be affected by process oil diversions to ships storage and offloading facilities.  
    - You will communicate all process operations which may affect storage operations to the persons in charge of Marine Cargo and Logistic operations.
    - You will carry out the instructions of the Production Superintendent and understudy his duties and responsibilities with a view to your career improvement.
    - You will undertake training assignments as directed to further your prospects and you will be expected to strive for self improvement in all aspects of your work and safety awareness.  
    - You will attend bi-weekly Safety Meetings as directed and attend all Emergency and Abandon Platform exercises in which you will play a roll a member of the Process Emergency Team.
    -  You will attend safety training sessions and be familiar with the use of Breathing Apparatus and techniques of fire fighting, search and rescue.
    - You will be fully familiar with all emergency procedures on the FPSO unit.
    - You will be fully aware of the hazards and dangers associated with working in hydrocarbon environment and will be expected to strictly adhere to all Company and Clients Safety Policies and Procedures when working and at all times during your period of employment aboard.
    - You will be on 24 hour a day call out and will be expected to work hours as dictated by the specialist nature of the FPSO.
    - You will be expected to have, in addition to a level of understanding of normal crude tanker operations and tanker safety.
    Candina Black Sea SRL, part of Grupo Candina with headquarters in Bilbao, Spain.
    47A, Stefan cel Mare Street; 4th floor
    Incinta Galeriilor Comerciale Ciote,
    900683, Constanta

    tel. 0241.66.22.61
    fax. 0241.66.22.60

    Applications to be sent to:

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    Re: Production Operator - FPSO

    I assume this position is no longer available as it was posted over 10 years ago, but if you have other openings, I would be interested to apply.
    I have previous experience at Cargolution and overall customs brokerage.

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