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Thread: Emigratie pentru MARINARI - in ce tari ati vrea sa locuiti?

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    Emigratie pentru MARINARI - in ce tari ati vrea sa locuiti?

    M-am gandit sa deschid un nou thread. Cum este legat intr-un fel de taxe si de costul vietii, aici este locul cel mai potrivit.

    Cum noi suntem o categorie aparte, nelegata profesional de un loc (doar numai prin faptul ca depindem de Capitanie), putem sa traim oriunde. Banii vin in orice cont din lumea asta, iar zborurile se pot face la fel, de oriunde.

    Ideea o am mai de mult dar am citi de curand niste postari din forumul rusilor. (cu ajutorul lui GOOGLE translate, bineinteles :):)) , si am vazut ca sunt destui care au facut o astfel de mutare.

    Stiu colegi de la vapor care acasa inseamna altceva: un norvegian ce traieste un Africa de Sud, un altul a cumparat o podgorie in Portugalia si are casa in mijlocul viei, Un spaniol sta in Tailanda, un coleg neamt sta in Filipine.

    Unde este un loc unde este soare tot anul si viata ieftina si sigura?

    Ia uite ce mai zic ei:
    Postare Canada
    Not so long ago, all the sailors went to Canada - good for the country of residence, which has a lot of immigration programs. You can in Australia or New Zealand. In New Zealand easier. Sailors served on immigration to the line Skilled Worker. Likewise in Canada, there is a program to develop sparsely po****ted states. It makes sense to take a closer look at this option. By the way, Canada is already full of our sailors. Even incidents happen, living in Canada can be reached by boat, where runs the post-Soviet grandfather, an immigrant with a complete set of shovels manners and appropriate leadership style.
    Canadian forms can be obtained at the consulate or download on the Internet. I do not advise to access various types of intermediaries, well, unless you're all busy and so you have extra 5tys. dollars. You are required only to complete a questionnaire and collect the necessary documents, a list which can be obtained at the consulate or the same Internet. You all can do yourself. A mediator can be accessed only by the individual questions, for example, take the advice on completing certain graph form, etc.
    Read the newspaper immigrant, visit the Web sites of relevant and very soon you'll learn all about immigration. To begin with a look at Under the Sea Petersburg is dedicated to the topic of immigration to Canada. Section has not been updated quite a while, but I hope that the information is still relevant.
    Do not forget to come back and tell how things progress. We're also something that we know what we can - help.

    Postare Canare
    If the annual income of more than 30 thousand euro is easy to issue permanent residence in Spain (only via Moscow). Live comfortably in the Canaries, petrol is cheaper Airport nearby, you can even find a job on the spot (Fred Olsen Lines). In San Andrés (Tenerife), even a Russian school (albeit small).
    An interesting topic to the island Men.Poprobuyu insight that naroyu tell.
    Good luck!

    Canada postare
    All necessary information on immigration to Canada and the questionnaire can be found at:

    Only here, whether it is true now? In my opinion, every year, as in Russia, life is getting better, and we can not only earn but to spend without fear of being robbed or thrown, the topic of immigration becomes unattractive. Well, maybe, people living in remote areas, where traditionally much lawlessness, unaware of the changes taking place in capitals, can seriously "stock up" on the idea of immigration.

    Five years ago there was a general belief in the only right decision, that "should bring down and the sooner the better" now. . . . I do not know - I do not know, I do not know - I do not know. . . . Although-I-I that would avoid discrimination in pay sailor, stop being a man of second grade, it would probably be helpful to have the nationality of any respectable country. With the current sailor frozen wages and rising prices are very vividly the cost of housing, etc., life is a sailor is not as attractive as it was earlier. Just look at the machine on which the sailors go, where they live and how to dress. . . The life of a sailor in Canada is much better than in Russia.

    Here's the dilemma, we need immigration or not?

    Postare New Zeeland
    Go to the site immigration country and ask the question

    Expected changes Immediate Skill Shortage List & Long Term Shortage List from September 8.
    Ship's Officer, Ship's Master - added to LTSSL

    So who keeps his nose to the wind, are registered for permanent residence

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    Re: Emigratie pentru MARINARI - in ce tari ati vrea sa locuiti?

    Suna bine emigrarea, macar pentru conditii de viata mai civilizate pentru copii. Dar de te faci cu certificarea, vii in romania pentru fiecare vizita medicala sau ambarcare pe carnet? Mi-o fi mie "dor" de tara dar chiar asa de tare nu. Adica eu o vad ca, daca te duci, te duci cu totul.

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    Re: Emigratie pentru MARINARI - in ce tari ati vrea sa locuiti?

    Noua Zeelanda,

    Meseria nostra se afla pe lista lor de nevoi critice din Noiembrie 2010
    Long Term Skill Shortage
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