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Thread: MIST vs IADC RIG PASS - Cand, cui si unde sunt utile?

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    MIST vs IADC RIG PASS - Cand, cui si unde sunt utile?


    Recent m am hotarat sa ma reprofilez catre mediul offshore. In urma cu cateva zile finalizat cursul BOSIET(la Ceronav, tot respectul pentru personalul de acolo) si din discutiile cu alti cursanti alte doua cursuri au aparut in discutie: MIST si HSE (IADC RIG PASS) avand urmatoarele descrieri, preluate de pe net:

    Mist (Minimum Industry Safety Training) - course Content:

    Module 1 Introduction to the Hazardous Offshore Environment
    Module 2 Working Safely including Safety Observation Systems
    Module 3 Understanding the Risk Assessment Process
    Module 4 Tasks that require a permit to work
    Module 5 Personal Responsibility in Maintaining Asset Integrity
    Module 6 Using Manual Handling Techniques Every Day
    Module 7 Controlling the Use of Hazardous Substances Offshore
    Module 8 Knowledge and Practices of Working at Height
    Module 9 Being Aware of Mechanical Lifting Activities

    IADC Rig Pass

    This course is IADC accredited and is the initial safety awareness that any person needs to have before entering a rig location.
    Provides a basic understanding of how rigs operate, and focuses on all safety aspects (in general) that a new hire needs to consider. Some of the safety topics are Housekeeping, incident reporting, smoking policy, PPE awareness, Hazcom, Hazwopper, Permit to Work System, fall protection, LO-TO System, confined space awareness, fire awareness, rig alarms, muster points, etc. Second day is dedicated for Rigger training.
    Goals: To acquire the necessary safety awareness for new hires, especially those non-experienced.
    Suggested Audience: All new hires.

    Din pacate inca nu imi este clar 1)pentru cine sunt utile/ obligatorii 2)unde sunt recunoscute, ca zona de lucru 3)care ar fi diferentele / asemanrile intre ele.

    Rog persoanele in cunostinta de cauza sa si spuna parerea.

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    Re: MIST vs IADC RIG PASS - Cand, cui si unde sunt utile?

    Salutare, chiar nu exista nimeni care sa dea cateva detalii?

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